The Mind’s Eclipse – Alpha Demo

the minds eclipse game

The Mind’s Eclipse is a beautifully hand drawn blend of visual novel and point and click adventure in which you explore a fallen utopia, littered with dead bodies and you attempt to rescue your loved ones and uncover who or what the mysterious COSy is.

Starting off with your character waking up in an abandoned research facility by a helpful (if rather cheeky) AI, you soon find that something very bad has happened here. You remember very little, your eyes have been replaced with sensors, dead bodies litter the floors, there are hints of a VR disease and the last thing you remember is trying to save your wife from her imminent death. It’s a riveting story, and by the end of the Alpha Demo, you’ll be dying to find out more about COSy, the destruction of the research facility and where your character fits in to all of it.

The Mind’s Eclipse feels very much more like an interactive graphic novel than a traditional visual novel. The mature and genuinely intriguing sci-fi storyline, combined with the high quality artwork makes you feel like you’ve crawled inside a Dark Horse comic book, keeping you captivated from start to finish of the current builds 15 minute playtime.

Download The Mind’s Eclipse Alpha Demo Here (Win, Mac & Linux)