The Misadventures of Spiky – Student Project Game

The Misadventures of Spiky is an adorable little 2.5D puzzle adventure that sees a disaster-prone hedgehog setting out on a journey to find a nice dry pile of leaves to curl up in.

In The Misadventures of Spiky you take control of a cute little hedgehog who has just been turfed out of its warm pile of leaves by a reckless camper with a rake. You’ll now have to set forth on a short woodland adventure, avoiding hungry foxes and solving simple physics based puzzles as you attempt to find a new pile of leaves to call your home. It’s a dangerous world out there, but it soon comes to pass that you may be the most dangerous thing in it – inadvertently leaving a trail of disaster in your wake as you innocently amble on throughout your journey.

Taking around 10 minutes to play through, The Misadventures of Spiky is an adorable little game with a wonderfully warm visual style, a great sense of humor and a super cute disaster-prone protagonist. He may leave a trail of disaster in his wake but it’s hard not to forgive him when he’s so damn cute!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Misadventures of Spiky Here (Windows)