The Misfits – Open Alpha

The Misfits is a stylish and streamlined multiplayer third person arena shooter that forgoes upgrades, exosuits and perks for fast paced, skill based kill-or-be-killed combat.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer during the closed AlphaThe Misfits features run n gun arena shooter fun that players can easily jump into and play. There are three character classes to choose from – Light (agile, weak and equipped with a double barrel shotgun), Medium (balanced and equipped with an SMG) and Heavy (slow, strong and equipped with an LMG). It features eight maps with day/night cycles and six different game modes. The combat is fast paced and fun, with maps that offer plenty of verticality and a selection of weaponry to collect and use. Most importantly, as there are no perks, upgrades or customizable loadouts, it doesn’t feel like anyone has an unfair advantage.

It’s a fun game that proves that less can be more, creating an easily accessible multiplayer arena shooter where everyone is on a level playing field no matter how long they’ve played for. Unfortunately that means you’ve only got yourself to blame if you get pwned though!

Download The Misfits Alpha Here (Steam)