The Mission – Alpha Demo

The Mission is a very stylish creepy crawly physics based action platformer where you control a spider-bot as it jumps, swings and fights its way through a hostile planet full of deadly enemies and huge bosses.

In The Mission you control a little spider-bot that has been sent on a mission to explore a dangerous alien planet. The planet is full of deadly traps, weird bug-like aliens and huge bosses which you battle in epic multi-stage fights. Thankfully, your little spider-bot can take a reasonable amount of punishment and it can shoot at enemies and shoot out strands of webbing to swing from, but it still isn’t going to be easy!

The Mission’s Alpha demo build features a large single level and a challenging boss fight against a gigantic alien centipede. It’s very tough (particularly the boss fight), but it’s a lot of fun. The stylish black and white biomechanical alien world is a fascinating place to explore, the physics based movement works well and the boss fight has some pretty spectacular moments.

The dev may want to think about implementing another check-point into the boss fight (as it is an extremely long fight), but other than that The Mission is a very impressive game. The visual style is very striking, the movement feels great and the design of the creepy crawly enemies is fantastic. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Mission Alpha Demo Here (Windows & Linux)