The MMI – Alpha Demo

The MMI is a dark psychological Sci-Fi horror adventure where you work in a mysterious facility called the “MMI” for the good of mankind.

In The MMI you take on the role of a man called Fred who has a little trouble remembering things and works at the Memorius Mining Institute (The MMI). Fred can’t even remember how to unlock his door without the aid of some handy notes and there are post-it notes plastered all over the place that no doubt contain other small reminders to help him through his day. However, forgetting things soon becomes the least of Fred’s problems…

It’s a creepy experience that stays clear of jump scares, instead focusing on atmosphere and storytelling. The MMI takes some interesting twists throughout its 20 minutes play time, with the game making good use of environmental storytelling and clever wordplay to give hints of what’s really going on in the facility (though still leaving a lot up to the player to interpret). The level of detail in the environment is particularly impressive, and the contrast between the decor of the area you start in and the work area is interesting. See what dark secrets you unearth in the Memorius Mining Institute!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The MMI Alpha Demo Here (Windows)