The Monster Inside – Game Jam Build

the monster inside

The Monster Inside, a beautiful noir styled visual novel made for the Ludum Dare 33, has you taking on a new investigation as a trail of dead bodies leads to some unexpected places.

You are Jack, a washed up private eye who hasn’t had much work lately. While passing your office, a beautiful women comes in with quite the case. She believes that a wealthy banker, Mr. Farnsworth, is being accused of killing his wife. Claiming to be his mistress, she is convinced he was captured and framed. You decide to look at the case.

At first, it is pretty easy. You are able to find clues the detectives left behind. You can even use your sense of smell and knowledge of unnatural things to aid you on figuring out what happened. As you spend your nights trying to figure out what is going on, more people turn up dead and missing. Soon, something seems off, even with just yourself…

This game has you looking at more than just the people around you. Trust no one as you try to figure out what has happened to all these important people. Figure out who is the real monster in The Monster Inside.

Play or Download The Monster Inside Here (Win, Mac & Browser)