The Moon Has Faded Away – Alpha Demo

The Moon Has Faded Away is a very surreal PS1 styled first person horror game where a boy deals with a new home and a world changing event.

In The Moon Has Faded Away you follow the adventure of Alex, a teenage boy who has just moved to an apartment in a different city with his family. The new home will take a little getting used to and some of your neighbors are very weird, but it’s not long until your mother starts acting strangely too, then you catch an announcement on the news that changes everything…

At the moment The Moon Has Faded Away has a LOT of rough edges – lots of grammar issues (English isn’t the dev’s first language), your character’s incredibly loud footsteps, bad checkpointing, and the fact that there’s very little interaction (you just walk from place to place between cutscenes). However, the atmosphere is incredible, with the whole game having a David Lynch-esque surreal horror vibe. The story is also very unique and intriguing (if you play the game, you may prefer to avoid reading the description on the Itch page as the revelation of what it’s about is pretty mind-blowing). Even despite its flaws you’ll be dying for more by the end. A rough gem with lots of potential.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The The Moon Has Faded Away Alpha Demo Here (Windows)