The Mooseman – Alpha Demo

The Mooseman

The Mooseman is a beautiful atmospheric 2D adventure in which you play a mythological shaman who can switch between the real world and the spirit world at will.

The beautiful silhouetted visuals or are fondly reminiscent of Limbo, but with the ability to see chalky white silhouettes of spirits when you enter the spirit world.  The images and ghostly apparitions in the spirit world look fantastic – like ancient tribal cave paintings that have come alive.

Gameplay in The Mooseman seems simple, but can be remarkably tricky.  You can only walk forwards, walk back, and switch between the spirit and real world (you don’t even have a jump button).  The real challenge is figuring out when to move, when t stay still and when to enter the spirit world.  The ghostly white visions of the spirit world not only look great, they can assist in the moving of objects and can allow you to pass through solid objects.

Your voyage through The Mooseman’s Alpha Demo takes around 20 minutes, during which you’ll encounter tricky puzzles, hidden secrets, shambling zombies, beautiful tribal artwork and some huge beasts that are best not to be messed with.  It’s a tough puzzle adventure with beautiful artwork and a great sense of atmosphere.

Note:  The zombie section can be a little infuriating, but the trick is to stand just behind them until they turn around and walk past you (check out the gameplay video below if you still have problems)

Check Out a Playthrough HERE

Download The Mooseman Alpha Demo HERE