The Morgue – Alpha Demo

The Morgue game

The Morgue is an extremely creepy, suspense-filled survival horror game set in an abandoned morgue, infested with rats, decay and inhuman creatures.

In The Morgue you play through the eyes of the main character. You awaken to a voice giving you instruction to find a radio transceiver out in the near by courtyard. Once found the person on the other end tells you in detail on how to escape with your life, but also warns you that “if you hear someone coming, HIDE!” which makes you instantly realise you’re not safe and need to make the exit without hesitation.

The Morgue, being made by Zoltoks, is still early in development, but it will have you cowering in your chair after a few moments of playing. The moment you’re given your warning, you instantly start checking every corner of the dark morgue just to make sure nothing is waiting for you. The countless sounds thrown in, ranging from quiet whispers to loud bangs, will make you instantly spin a complete 180 just to make sure no one is breathing down your neck.

Not only is The Morgue full of suspense but the visual aspect of the game is quite pleasing (and disturbing), with a great attention to detail. Apart from the occasional object collision problem, the game also handles beautifully and it all runs very smoothly.  The Alpha Demo probably won’t make you jump out of your seat, but it shows great promise, with great audio/visual design which is used to create a tense atmosphere, full of dread.  The dead are the least of your problems in The Morgue!

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Download the The Morgue Alpha Demo Here (Windows, Mac & Linux)

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