The Most Poser Heroes – Alpha Download

most poser heroes download

The Most Poser Heroes is a clever animation-based puzzler in which you must physically animate your character in order to carry out various interactions with the game world.

Playing like a mix between Toribash and The Incredible Machine, in each scenario you’re given an objective and must achieve it by cycling your character through a variety of poses.  You can choose any points in the timeline and set your character in whatever poses you like.  Once you’ve set the various poses, you simply press play and watch them play out, with the game animating the movements between the poses for you.  It starts off fairly simply, but soon ramps up the difficulty as you’re allowed to manoeuvre more limbs, creating complex physical puzzles that require a bit of experimentation to solve.

It’s still early in development, but The Most Poser Heroes certainly shows a lot of promise, offering unique and satisfying puzzle-based gameplay as you attempt to manhandle your puppet all manner of poses.  Can you become a real puppet master?

Check Out a Gameplay Trailer Here

Download The Most Poser Heroes Alpha Here (Windows)