The Muller-Powell Principle – Beta Demo

The Muller-Powell Principle is a narrative-driven Sci-Fi puzzle adventure where you travel through time and manipulate different types of energy.

Drawing inspiration from Portal, The Muller-Powell Principle is a Sci-Fi puzzle adventure with a touch of surrealism and spookiness. In the game an experiment that you’ve been working on has gone horribly wrong. Now people are out to get you and you can’t remember why.

On your adventure you will use a portable energy manipulation gun which allows you to absorb different types of energy and use them in different places. This can range from using heat energy to melt glass or light energy to blind cameras, to messing around with quantum entanglement energy and opening rifts between worlds.

The demo does take a while to get into the more interesting puzzle stuff, but it’s a promising game with a nice blend of puzzles, narrative and spooky surrealism. The fact that your gun can handle many different types of energy also looks set to deliver lots of different inventive puzzle possibilities.

Download The Muller-Powell Principle Beta Demo Here (Steam)