The Multi-Medium – Beta Demo

The Multi-Medium is a beautiful 2D puzzle platforming adventure where you travel through the multiverse to very different worlds that have very different art styles.

in Multi-Medium you step into the shoes of an interdimensional explorer who’s been sent on a mission to explore a parallel universe. However, when you attempt to return to your own universe something goes wrong. You end up lost in the multiverse and each trip you take brings you to a different universe with a totally different art style.

The art style of the worlds range from being black and white pencil drawings to vibrant pastels and cubist paintings. Not only that, but the gameplay mechanics and creatures that inhabit the worlds are totally different too. It almos feels like each new universe is a different game.

It’s a fantastic game where each new universe is packed full of interesting things to discover. There’s a nice variety in gameplay and the various visual styles on slaw are remarkable. Highly recommended.

Download The Multi-Medium Beta Demo Here (Steam)