The Narrow Path – Game Jam Build

The Narrow Path game

The Narrow Path, a roguelike-RTS made for the Walking Dead All Out War Game Jam, has you commanding an army of monsters from your motorhome as you attempt to wipe out all the living (and dead) people on the planet.

You have decided that you are going to repopulate the earth, but first you must destroy all the humans and zombies that currently populate it. Luckily, you have the Swanson Sisters by your side, an RV fully equipped to make your own robot monsters, and even a mutant dog to collect objects for you!

You are able to reanimate monsters by collecting different objects from around the area or from the dead you have just killed. Humans drop cellphones, zombies drop more meat, and your monsters sometimes drop barbed wire. Everything else you must find by exploring with your RV. You can make a few different types of monsters (depending on what materials you have at hand) which will then fight for you around your RV.

The Narrow Path impresses with its macabre, unique and strategic take on the zombie apocalypse. Well worth checking out for some reanimated RTS fun.

Play The Narrow Path in your Unity Supported Browser Here