The Night Henry Allen Died – Game Jam Build Download

the night henry allen died

The Night Henry Allen Died is a wonderful little isometric murder mystery in which you explore your recently deceased friend’s house, discovering family secrets and unearthing what really happened to Mr Allen.

As you wander your deceased friends house, you can investigate objects, chat to relatives, acquaintances and staff, to try and piece together what’s really gone on.  Intriguingly, there is no ‘win state’ for The Night Henry Allen Died.  Instead you simply leave the house once you’ve made up your mind about what’s really been going on in the house.  It’s a surprisingly open ended approach to the genre and makes for a unique experience.  As there are no set objectives, you can simply set your own as you discover more about Mr Allens intriguing family (or answer the questions listed below).

Here are a few of the devs suggestions of what you can find out but you can define your own questions:

1. Did your friend commit suicide or was he murdered?
2. Is there anyting odd about Barnabas’ death? What?
3. Have you found the H*** in the **nce? Is it important? Why?
4. What happened between Robert and Henry?
5. Is everything alright with Lavinia? Did anything change?

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Download Or Play The Night Henry Allen Died HERE (Win, Mac & Browser)