The Night is Grey – Beta Demo

The Night is Grey is a beautifully animated point and click thriller adventure where a man helps a lost girl in a forest filled with strange wolves.

Currently in development by Whalestork Interactive, The Night is Grey is a point and click adventure that follows the story of Graham – an ordinary man who ends up trapped in a forest by a pack of wolves. The wolves are lying in wait at the main pathway out of there so Graham now needs to search around for an alternate route. It’s not long before he comes across a rustic log cabin that’s home to a little girl and her mother. However, the mother is nowhere to be seen and the little girl isn’t very trusting of strangers…

The demo build of The Night is Grey takes around 40 minutes to play through and sees you solving some classic point and click adventure style puzzles as you try to look for an alternate route and help the little girl. The puzzles are all well crafted and logical, but you can turn on a hint mode that highlights hotspots if you get stuck.

Everything about The Night is Grey oozes quality. The frame by frame character animation and the digitally painted environments are incredible and the original orchestrated music score makes the game feel very cinematic. Perhaps most importantly (as you’ll be spending a lot of time with them) the characters are very well written too, with Graham being quite sensible while having a good sense of humor and the kid having just the right amount of childish petulance and exuberance to make her endearing. It makes for a fantastic point and click adventure that already feels like a classic. By the end you’ll be dying to know what’s really going on in those woods. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Night is Grey Beta Demo Here (Steam)