The Nullpoint – Prototype Download

The Nullpoint

The Nullpoint is a cool blend of real time strategy, survival horror, roguelike and Diablo-esque dungeon crawling set across procedurally generated levels in which you must guide your crew members to safety after being stranded in a mysterious alien structure.

It’s the year 2109 and humanity has discovered an abandoned alien structure floating in deep space on the edge of the solar system.  Unfortunately, initial attempts to explore the mysterious structure have been ill-fated and now you must gather and guide the remaining survivors, uncovering dark secrets and hopefully finding a means of escape.

You control up to five crew using an intuitive control scheme similar to those found in an RTS.  You’ll have to use caution when exploring the spacecraft, there are no reloads – if all your survivors die, you’ll restart from the beginning in a new procedurally generated ship interior.  Much like X-Com, this makes every battle a tense affair – one silly mistake can cost you a crew member, or even worse, the whole team.  The Nullpoint is real-time action though, not turn based, so you’ll have to think fast as swarms of aliens charge at you!

Download The Nullpoint Prototype Here