The Odyssey of the Mammoth – Student Game Download

The Odyssey of the Mammoth is a lighthearted little action adventure where a mammoth protects her child from nasty human hunters as she journeys through a beautiful 10,000 BC landscape.

Created by students from the Université du Québec, The Odyssey of the Mammoth is a delightful third person action adventure about a mammoth and her child. The game is narrated by a parody wildlife presenter and sees the mother trying to fend off attacking humans as she makes her way through three unique environments.

You have a selection of attacks that can do serious damage to any humans and their weapons are too puny to hurt you. However, the humans can hurt your child so you need to try and protect it as they ambush you from all sides.

It’s a great little game with hilarious narration, beautiful environments and some novel gameplay mechanics. A wooly good Stone Age adventure well worth checking out.

Download The Odyssey of the Mammoth Here (Steam)