The Old One – Game Jam Build Download

the old one game

The Old One is a gorgeous looking one handed tactical combat game in which you play an ancient stone titan, too weak to stand, but who must defend a precious diamond that gives you life from hordes of invading adventurers.

You only have a few moves at your disposal – a left punch, right punch, shake and a crystal wave (which needs time to recharge).  You’re big and strong, but you’re also very slow and can only perform one type of attack at a time, so must time your attacks wisely – one mistimed swing can mean the difference between life and death.

You can get into a bit of a rhythm and last for a while, watching the ground slowly rise as you smash your enemies into the dirt. But as much as you fight, you’ll only last so long against the invading adventurers, and much like Shadow of the Colossus, the death of your titan feels like a sad event.  This time though, you’ve not been slain for anything as noble as love – just the greed of humans on their quest for shiny loot.

A short, beautiful and unique experience where you’ll see a real titan fall.

Download or Play The Old One HERE (Win, Mac, Linux & Browser)