The One Room Experiment – Game Jam Build Download


The One Room Experiment, a retro dungeon explorer made for the Ludum Dare 37, sees you making your way through a whole dungeon that’s created within the confines of a single little room.

In The One Room Experiment you control an adventurer who must collect all the lanterns within in a dungeon. This is no ordinary dungeon to explore, however, as it all takes place in one room. Every time you enter a door, the tiles under your feet flip around and claws drop from the ceiling, adding objects and arranging the room. This all happens quite fast, quickly changing the room you were in, into a whole new area. You must explore these rooms, avoiding spikes, destroying enemies, and finding your lanterns.

Some rooms have spikes or monsters in them. You can jump over the spikes and shoot fire at the monsters to destroy them. Once a monster is destroyed, a claw will come and take away its body, leaving the room nice and clean. You will find lanterns in some rooms, after you have defeated all of the monsters. You can light these with your fire and then take them with you – the claw will put them in your sidebar once you exit the room.

The One Room Experiment makes for a short and skilfully made little adventure, managing to squeeze lots of fun gameplay out of one little ever-changing room. A great little roomventure well worth checking out.

Play or Download The One Room Experiment Here (Windows & Browser)