The Only One – Game Jam Build

The Only One is a beautiful little puzzle adventure where you attempt to break out of a 10 second loop and come to terms with the loss of your wife.

In The Only One you take on the role of a talented inventor who has just lost his wife and is taking it very badly. You won’t talk to anybody, you’ve stopped working and you won’t even leave the house. Then after an incident with a damaged teleportation ring, you’re teleported to your wife’s grave.

Naturally you want to go back home and lock yourself away again, but there’s a big problem – the damaged ring automatically teleports you to your wife’s grave every 10 seconds. It’s going to take longer than 10 seconds to find a way back into your house, but maybe if you search your village, talk to your friends and gather some useful items you just might manage to get in and fix the teleportation ring and put an end to this eternal 10 second teleportation loop.

The 10 second looping gameplay of The Only One is a fun premise that’s a little reminiscent of Minit (though The Only One actually came out long before Minit). It’s a fun little game that really impresses with its clever looping gameplay and heartfelt narrative that you unravel during your quick 10 second excursions. It takes a lot to get over the loss of a loved one, but maybe you can get over it 10 seconds at a time, with a little help from your friends.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Only One Here (Windows)