The Onus Helm – Kickstarter Demo

The Onus Helm is a stylish retro roguelike dungeon crawler that sees you making your way through a seemingly endless maze in a cursed realm.

In The Onus Helm you attempt to make your way through challenging randomly generated rooms, populated by a selection of loot, NPCs and enemies. Your aim is to defeat the enemies and deadly bosses to remove the’Helm’ and restore hope to the world.

The secret-filled randomly generated levels are similar to The Binding of Isaac, but the atmosphere is much darker and oppressive and the gameplay is a little less chaotic. It’s a very tough game too, requiring you to use caution when approaching even the weakest of enemies. A dark and stylish dungeon crawling adventure well worth checking out if for some reason The Binding of Isaac you though was a little too easy!

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Download The Onus Helm Kickstarter Demo Here (Windows)