The Ooze – Game Jam Build Download

the ooze game

The Ooze is a wonderfully evil shape shifting turn based puzzler in which you control a primordial ooze that loves nothing more than killing any puny humans that trespass into its domain.

Created for Ludum Dare 35, The Ooze allows you to strategically control the growth of your black gloopy monster by selecting a section with the mouse, then pressing the corresponding direction key to choose which way it will grow. If you touch a human with your growth, they will instantly die, kill them all and you’ll let out an evil cackle and move onto the next level. However, all movement is turn based, so for every movement you make, the humans move or attack too. If you get attacked twice in one level you will die, but humans can only attack when they are right next to you, so you must plan your movements carefully so that you can strike first.

Taking around 10 minutes to complete, The Ooze impresses from start to finish with it’s wickedly macabre tone, great pixel art animation and unique blob-based strategic gameplay. A deliciously evil little puzzler full of human killing fun!

Play or Download The Ooze here (Win, Mac, Linux & Browser)