The Operator – Beta Demo

The Operator is a conspiracy-filled detective game where you work as a researcher for the “FDI” and assist agents in the field with their investigations.

In The Operator you are a new employee at the FDI (essentially the FBI), who is tasked with assisting field agents with their cases. The entire game is played via a desktop interface and when agents call up you get details from them and try to find relevant pieces of information for them. So you might analyze some video footage to get a face-match for a victim or you might cross-reference cell-tower records to find out where a suspect was at a certain time. However, it seems there may be more going on that first meets the eye, as you stumble across a wide-reaching conspiracy.

It’s a well crafted game with an intriguing narrative and puzzles that make clever use of the desktop-based interface. It all feels very intuitive (probably far more intuitive than actual FBI software), and it really gives you the feeling that you’re helping crack the cases. Highly recommended.

Download The Operator Beta Demo Here (Steam)

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