The Other Half – Beta Demo

The Other Half is a beautiful hand animated top-down action adventure game that sees you using your pyromancy spells to destroy a demonic infestation on an icy mountain.

In The Other Half you take on the role of a demon hunter who uses their control over fire to purge demons from the land. You’ve received a letter from someone called Daniel, who urgently requested your assistance in destroying a demonic infestation that’s infected a mountain and plunged the surrounding area into an icy winter. You must search for daniel, chat to the local villagers and purge the demons from the once-beautiful land.

The combat in The Other Half plays a little like a twin-stick shooter, but with you able to hurl fireballs short distances or maintain a fireball at a short distance from you and swing it around you. The demons you come across are have glowing nodes on them which you need to burn off to dispatch them, which you do by swinging your fireball at them (while dodging their attacks). It’s a fun system that makes the combat more tactical as you try to manoeuvre your character and your fireball to dispatch your foe.

The current build of The Other Half features around 20 minutes of gameplay and really impresses with its interesting game world, high quality voice work, engaging combat, intriguing narrative and beautiful hand drawn visual style. The icy mountain may be infested with ugly demons, but it’s still a beautiful to explore and it’s a joy discovering more about the lore, characters and the world. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Other Half Beta Demo Here (Steam)