The Other – Student Game

The Other is a thought provoking first person experience that explores themes of abuse and self harm as you enter a room and interact with three different objects in environments that various levels of emotional, psychological and philosophical depth.

There are no set objectives in The Other, you simply enter a room and decide how to interact with the three different objects and the entity (The Other) within it. Your actions with each object will cause The Other to talk to you about it and when you leave (or are kicked out) you’ll be presented with a list of what The Other thinks of your actions. Depending on your actions when you next enter the room then it (and The Other) may change forms. There are a variety of different rooms and forms of The Other, representing different levels of emotional, psychological and philosophical depth and they explore some pretty dark places – including self harm, suicide and abuse.

Due to the subject matter It’s quite an unpleasant and unsettling experience, but it’s also a very interesting one. The striking visual design works well and it’s interesting how the game lets you learn more about your character’s backstory and personality via the different versions of The Other’s analysis of your actions.

Download The Other Here (Windows & Mac)