The Outer Zone: The Construction – Game Jam Build Download

The Outer Zone: The Construction is a very stylish Sci-Fi point and click adventure where you set out into a dangerous wasteland in search of an energy-rich meteorite.

The Construction is the fourth in the series of standalone short adventures dubbed Tales From The Outer Zone (others include Cyborg Seppuku, The Goat Crone and Fleshworms) and also takes place in the same universe as the excellent Mind Scanners. In this installment you follow the story of a young Constructor (a high ranking official) as they attempt to secure a meteorite of zygnoka (a valuable power source) that’s just crashed nearby. This requires you to secure a power source for your zygonka harvesting machine, but even once you’ve done that your worries are far from over…

One of the puzzles is a little obtuse (operating the droids with the control panel), but other than that it’s an excellent point and click adventure that does a great job of fleshing out the world of The Outer Zone. As with the rest of the games in the series, it has an interesting self-contained story, the world building is fantastic and the striking Moebius-esque visuals are excellent. Another superb tale from The Outer Zone well worth tuning into.

Download The Outer Zone: The Construction Here (Windows)