The Padre – Alpha Download

The Padre is a very cool voxel based point and click survival horror adventure that plays a little like Resident Evil mixed with Alone in the Dark, and sees you playing out the final actions of a demon hunting priest 12 hours before he blows his brains out!

In The Padre you control a gruff demon hunting Catholic priest who is sent out in search of a cardinal who has mysteriously gone missing. This leads you to a strange demon-filled mansion that you must explore, solve its puzzles and defeat the many grotesque monsters that live within its walls.

The current build of The Padre offers up a sizeable chunk of the game and really impresses with its cool voxel-based visuals, tense atmosphere and freaky monsters. It is a point and click adventure but it also incorporates survival horror elements into it as well, with you having to keep an eye on your health and using weapons to fight off monsters.

It is still early in development so there are a few bugs and frustrations – such as the painfully slow speed your character walks at, bad pathfinding and a slightly clunky inventory system (particularly when changing weapons in combat). However, The Padre does have a lot of potential – the visual design is superb, the narrative is very intriguing, it has a nice sense of humor, there’s a nice variety of monsters to contend with and some (but not all) of the puzzle design is very good.

Much like Resident Evil, the mansion of The Padre is a horrific but incredibly enjoyable place to explore – packed full of danger and dark secrets to uncover. There are some frustrations, but they’ll hopefully be ironed out during development and it’s already a captivating experience exploring its horror-filled house. A fabulously freaky voxel based point and click survival horror with a healthy dose of dark humor.

Tip – The right mouse button can be used to make your character run

Stuck? Check Out a Playthrough of the First 45 Minutes Here

Download The Padre Alpha Here (Windows)