The Painter – Student Game

The Painter is a beautiful and spooky little platforming adventure where you control a little white rabbit that clears up smudges on paintings to reveal their story.

Created by students at Futuregames in Stockholm, The Painter is a very short, but beautifully crafted little game where you enter a series of pictures hanging on a wall and clear them up to reveal their story. You controlling a cute little white rabbit, who enters each painting and you just have to touch each of the dark smudges to remove them. Once you remove all the smudges on one painting then you can move onto the next one.

The gameplay is fairly simple, but the audio and artwork are fantastic. You can actually see the texture in the paintings and It feels like they come alive as you explore them and remove the shadowy smudges. It’s got a powerful little narrative too, with each one telling a snapshot of a powerful story – becoming even more impactful when you realise why all the dark smudges covered them up and who put them there.

It’s a fantastic little game with the only drawback being that it’s so short. It takes around five minutes to play through, but it’s the sort of experience that you’d gladly get lost in for hours if there was more of it. It’s brevity is understandable though as it must have taken a lot of time to craft each beautifully painted picture and they combine to tell a powerful narrative. A short and bittersweet little experience that really packs a punch. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Painter Here (Windows)