The Painter’s Apprentice – Alpha Download

The Painter’s Apprentice is a stylish action platformer that sees you battling enemies and bringing color back to eight different painted game worlds, each of which has a different art style.

In The Painter’s Apprentice you play (perhaps unsurprisingly) an apprentice painter who works for the top Master Painter in your village. After noticing that one of your master’s paintings has lost all of its color you pick up a brush and attempt to fix it, but soon find that you’re falling into the painting. To make your way home you’ll need to battle sentient paint blobs, dodge hazards and restore the paintings back to their former glory.

The levels of The Painter’s Apprentice are populated by deadly hazards, paint blob enemies and the occasional boss. To aid your progress you’re armed with a large paintbrush that can be used to add color to the game world and dispatch enemies. Each of the paint blob enemies are a different color so you must switch the color of your paint brush to match them before you attempt to dispatch them.

It’s shaping up to be a great action platforming adventure with great artwork and fun gameplay. Download the Alpha build now to start breathing life back into those beautiful painted worlds.

Download The Alpha Build By Joining the Devs Discord Channel Here (Win, Mac & Linux)