The Painters Playground – Beta Download

The Painters Playground offers a chilled out blend of painting and RPG-style progression as you paint your own masterpieces then display and sell them to other players online!

The Painters Playground provides artists with a beautiful and relaxing environment where you can paint your heart’s desire. There are no set objectives or fail states, you simply paint your works of art then either sell them instantly, hang them in your private gallery or hang them in a public gallery where other players can vote on them and even purchase them for their own collection.

There are RPG elements to the game, with you earning XP while you paint which will allow you to level up and unlock more painting tools. You’ll also earn cash for paintings that you sell, which can be used to purchase new tools, paints and canvases. Any of your paintings you wish to keep you can hang in your own private gallery along with any other players paintings that you’ve purchased – slowly amassing a gallery full of coveted works.

It’s a great game that creates deliberately slow paced but addictive experience as you knock out your hand painted masterpieces, building up your art collection and unlocking new tools as you go. A wonderfully chilled out digital haven where you can unleash your creativity.

Note: On our first attempt we encountered a bug near the end of the tutorial that meant that it wasn’t possible to level up (which is required to unlock more painting tools). This can be rectified by restarting the game and going beck through the tutorial though.

Download The Painters Playground Beta Here (Windows)