The Parallel Chronicles – Alpha Download

The Parallel Chronicles is an incredibly tense and unsettling Silent Hill inspired PS1 era styled horror adventure where you descend into a blood-soaked nightmare as you attempt to escape from your apartment building.

There are two developmental builds of The Parallel Chronicles available, both of which are very different and both of which are equally terrifying. The Alpha build is the longest and plays out with you attempting to escape an apartment building and descends into a Silent Hill-esque nightmare as you progress. The more recent tech demo is much shorter and plays out in first person, with you walking along a dark corridor full of hanging dead bodies.

The switch between third and first person perspectives makes for quite a different experience, but both builds are very scary. The murky PS1/PS2-era styled visuals build a great amount of atmosphere, but it’s the sound design that really gives you chills. The blood-soaked environment and the sounds that inhabit it really make your skin crawl and every second you’re trapped in there feels like an eternity. It’s a very unpleasant place to be, but it makes for an excellent slice of old school survival horror. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video of The Tech Demo Here

Download The The Parallel Chronicles Tech Demo Here (Windows)

Check Out a Gameplay Video of The Alpha Here

Download The Parallel Chronicles Alpha Here (Windows)