The Past Within – Beta Demo

The Past Within is a spooky cooperative multiplayer puzzle game from the creators of the Rusty Lake games, where one player is in the past and one is in the future.

Currently in development by Rusty Lake (creators of the popular Rusty Lake series of puzzle games), The Past Within is a cooperative point and click puzzle game where the players are in the same location at very different times. It sees both players attempting to unravel the mystery of a Mr Albert Vanderboom, and to do so they’ll need to solve lots of cleverly crafted puzzles, many of which require information from the past or the present.

The gameplay in The Past Within is similar to Rusty Lake’s other puzzle games, but with a little 3D and the co-op multi-time twist. You’ll need to be observant of your environment and you’ll need good communication skills to succeed. Interestingly, both player’s games don’t require to be linked together via the internet, but the players need to be in communication (locally or via voice chat) so that they can share information.

It’s a fantastic concept that looks set to make for a much more sociable experience than traditional point and click puzzle games, and the fact that both players experience totally different environments is very clever. A puzzle game with some real back (and forth) to the future!

Download The The Past Within Beta Demo Here (Steam)