The Pear Game – Alpha Download

The Pear Game Download

The Pear Game is….well to be honest after playing it through to completion it’s hard to say exactly what The Pear Game is – it’s a quirky hand drawn 2D adventure, it’s a 3rd person exploration game, it’s a first person narrative adventure, it’s a lighthearted in-joke filled romp, it’s an introspective look at game development and much more besides.

The Pear Game is a wonderful little oddity that constantly throws up new twists and gameplay experiences during its half hour playtime. It would take forever to list all the game styles and would spoil its many surprises, but let’s just say there’s a lot more going on below the surface of this charming, shallow looking hand drawn 2D adventure.

We highly recommend playing The Pear Game through to the end as it’s a remarkable and quite indescribable game that will stay with you long after completion. There are quite a few rough edges, but they’re understandable considering the scope of the game and it’s still only an Alpha release. A crazy little adventure whose first aPEARance is very decieving!

Note: When on the moon, we highly recommend just collecting the four pieces and going home – don’t go up to the statue of the space hamster, as the minigame that it starts is pretty broken

Download The Pear Game Alpha Here (Windows & Mac)