The Pedestrian – Beta Demo


The Pedestrian is a cleverly crafted 2.5D puzzle platformer in which you help a stickman traverse a network of interconnected signs, adjusting them and linking them to solve sign based spatial puzzles.

In The Pedestrian you control the stickman (the Pedestrian) from all those public information signs and road signs you see all the time in real life. Your aim in the game is to help the Pedestrian make his way through the world by traversing a network of interconnected signs. Sometimes this just requires some fairly simple platforming skills, but usually it involves you rearranging and connecting the signs yourself.

The main puzzle element in The Pedestrian sees you connecting walls full of signs to allow your stickman to reach the exit. All of the signs on the wall can be shifted and connected by clicking and dragging with the mouse. Finding the correct route through each cleverly crafted puzzle requires forward planning, spacial awareness and lateral thinking (as some of the ways you connect the signs can break the laws of physics).

With its slick user interface, stylish visuals, creative puzzle design and fun premise it really is a joy making your way through the interconnected world of The Pedestrian. All signs are good for this inventive and well crafted stickman puzzle adventure.

Check out a Gameplay Video of The Pedestrian Here

Download the Pedestrian Beta Demo Here (Win & Mac)