The Pest-Doctor of Wippra – Game Jam Build

The Pest-Doctor of Wippra is a dark little point and click adventure that follows the story of a young doctor whose research into the plague has angered the church in medieval Germany.

Created for the $105 Adventure Game Challenge jam, The Pest-Doctor of Wippra is a point and click adventure that tells the tale of a bright young doctor who has some ideas that have angered the church. It appears he has managed to figure out that it’s the rats and the fleas that are spreading the plague throughout medieval Germany. However, the church has decried this as heresy and now he is being hunted for his crimes against God.

Taking around 20 minutes to play through, The Pest-Doctor of Wippra sees the doctor using his wits as he tries to escape the town he’s trapped in and post a letter to help spread word of his findings. This requires a little puzzle solving and putting your trust in the hands of some strangers you meet along the way.

There’s very little in the way of character animation, but each scene is beautifully crafted with pixel art visuals and the puzzles are well implemented. The story is particularly well told and there’s a real feeling of tension and drama throughout. Thank god we live in (slightly) more illuminated times nowadays!

Play The Pest-Doctor of Wippra Here (Browser)