The Pizza Situation – Alpha Demo

The Pizza Situation is a wonderfully inventive cyber-stalking detective adventure where you use social media and the internet to track down the six people who are going to eat a very special pizza!

In The Pizza Situation you take on the role of a pizza obsessed student who is planning to go to a party where a very special pizza will be served. However, you’ve had a vision of six people who eat the pizza before you get any yourself, so you need to track them down and make sure they don’t get to the party (so you get all the pizza for yourself).

The gameplay in The Pizza Situation takes place through a faux PC desktop interface and allows you to visit various websites, download files and use a Facebook-esque app to find, befriend and chat with people. You have very little dialogue options when chatting with people, so instead you can download and send images or copy and paste text from elsewhere to help you get information, manipulate people and get that coveted pizza.

It’s a very cleverly crafted game that combines fun parodies of social media with inventive mechanics, excellent artwork and a fun story. You do feel a little sleazy as you skuly about stalking and manipulating people on the internet, but it’ll all be worth it for some of that tasty pizza!

Download The The Pizza Situation Alpha Demo Here (Windows)