The Plane Effect – Beta Demo

The Plane Effect is a dark narrative-driven Sci-Fi puzzle adventure where an office worker embarks on an impossible time-bending journey back to his family in a world disrupted by a mysterious cosmic anomaly.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer back in 2019 (when it was called The Last Day), The Plane Effect is a surreal and stylish narrative driven adventure set in a futuristic dystopian society that’s loomed over my a strange cosmic anomaly. You take on the role of a family man who works in an office and after a strange glitch shatters his reality, he only has one thought – to make his way home to his family. However, the journey home will take him to some very strange places with many ways to die.

The current build of The Plane Effect takes around 20 minutes to play through and although gameplay-wise it’s pretty much the same demo as the 2019 one, the addition of some beautiful cinematics and the improved visuals do add a lot to the experience. The gameplay is split up into different scenes where you need to interact with objects in a certain order to move on to the next one (a little like Samorost, but you also have to avoid dying).

You’ll be left with more questions than answers by the end of the demo, but you’ll definitely want to find out more about what’s going on. It’s a very intriguing narrative and the beautifully crafted cutscenes, excellent soundtrack and stylish isometric visuals make for a very cinematic experience. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Plane Effect Beta Demo Here (Steam)