The Pokisfiori Museum Installation – Game Jam Build

The Pokisfiori Museum Installation is a stylish little audio/visual virtual art gallery that gives song tracks their own individual installations located within a negative-space chasm that holds them all together.

In The Pokisfiori Museum Installation you can freely roam between a selection of abstract art installations that combine stylish visuals and atmospheric audio. It’s built as a companion piece to Pokisfiori, a chilled out music album by Paws Menu. There’s a nice selection of installations to visit, each of which is designed to give each soundtrack their own little pocket-universe to live in, and all of which are held together by a pitch black void of negative-space.

Whether you like the music will be down to your personal taste, but it’s a beautiful little experience that allows you to really immerse yourself in each audio track as you listen to each one from within their own purpose built enclosures. It’s a great concept that feels like the natural evolution of the music video.

Download The Pokisfiori Museum Installation Here (Windows)