The Prime Minister of Silly Walks – Game Jam Build Download

The Prime Minister of Silly Walks is a very silly and hilarious trashy little adventure where you become the leader of the United States of Silly Walks and set out to save the world from Walks of Mass Destruction (and other dangerously silly walks).

In The Prime Minister of Silly Walks you take on the role of a succession of Prime Ministers of the U.S.S.W. (the United States of Silly Walks). However, rather than meeting other foreign dignitaries and running your country, you instead are sent out on dangerous missions to prevent other countries from developing weaponized silly walks. Things rarely end well.

You have a collection of different silly walks that you can use while on your mission, ranging from a bow-legged sumo walk to a high jumping kangaroo walk and even a Sonic the Hedgehog style roll walk. Needless to say all the walks are very silly, but they also can be used to help you overcome the various obstacles you come across on your ridiculous missions.

The The Prime Minister of Silly Walks was created for the So Bad It’s Good game jam and it has definitely nailed the mission statement of the jam. It is objectively a very bad game – the controls are inaccurate, the camera has a mind of its own, the visuals are crap and the cutscenes are disjointed and broken. All these things (combined with some hilarious gags and delightfully silly walks) are also why the game is good though – it’s a wonderful broken mess that is guaranteed to make you smile. Solid gold garbage.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Prime Minister of Silly Walks Here (Windows)