The Puppet of Tersa – Alpha Demo

The Puppet of Tersa is a beautiful hand painted point and click storybook adventure that sees you helping a young girl solve puzzles and escape a Wonderland-esque fantasy world that she’s trapped in.

In The Puppet of Tersa you follow Cynthia, a curious young girl who finds herself trapped in a strange fantasy world called Tersa. A little like Alice in Wonderland, it blends whimsical fairy tale-style fantasy with a touch of darkness as you explore the world, make friends, solve puzzles and confront the dark entity that’s preventing you from returning home.

The current build offers a fairly short, but beautifully made taster of things to come. Taking round five minutes to complete, it plays out in Cynthia’s bedroom and sees her trying to assist a strange voice that’s calling out for her. The puzzles are fairly simple, but the UI is very intuitive and the artwork is superb. It shows a lot of promise – an intriguing and beautifully crafted storybook adventure with a welcome touch of darkness.

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