The Puppet of Tersa – Beta Demo

The Puppet of Tersa is a beautiful Alice in Wonderland-esque hand drawn episodic point and click adventure where a young girl finds herself whisked away to a mysterious fantasy world filled with strange creatures and touched by darkness.

We first featured The Puppet of Tersa on Alpha Beta Gamer a year ago while during its Kickstarter campaign, but the latest build is much longer and allows you explore some of the strange world of Tersa. The game follows the adventures of Cynthia, a young girl who ends up trapped in the world of Tersa after being teleported there by a freaky entity that was hiding under her bed. She must now explore, solve puzzles, meet oddball characters and confront the entity that’s keeping her there.

The current demo build comprises of two parts – one where Cynthia is attempting to move her bed to free an entity that’s trapped underneath it (which was in the last demo) and one where she arrives in Tersa and is trying to make sense of everything. The artwork is fantastic, the characters you meet are delightfully quirky and the puzzles are pretty inventive (particularly a mini-game one where you have to untangle buckets). The only issue at the moment is that some of the point and click puzzle elements can seem a little fiddly – such as the bed puzzle which requires you to fill your bag with objects in a very specific order.

It’s shaping up to be a fantastic point and click adventure with a lot of weird and wonderful sights to see and creatures to meet as you explore its beautiful hand drawn fantasy world. If you love a good point and click adventure The Puppet of Tersa will really pull your strings.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Puppet of Tersa Beta Demo Here (Steam)