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the puzzle guardian

Developed by four students from Vancouver Film School, The Puzzle Guardian is a short, but impressive puzzle adventure, with a fantastic jigsaw puzzle visual style.

The gameplay and puzzle mechanics are fairly simple – you explore the jigsaw piece themed world, solving puzzles with the aid of large puzzle pieces and a jigsaw gun.  Once unlocked, this jigsaw gun can fire different puzzle pieces (fire and grass) to solve puzzles aid your journey .

Strangely enough, for a jigsaw puzzle themed first person puzzler, the puzzles aren’t the main attraction in The Puzzle Guardian – the visual design is this games highpoint.  The world is a joy to explore (when you’re not being harassed by irksome guards), a colourful place, full of splendour and nice little touches.  The entire world really is crafted out of puzzle pieces, from the tree leaves blowing in the wind, to the birds soaring in the air.  There are even secret collectables for you to find, encouraging exploration and experimentation.

A full playthough of The Puzzle Guardian will take around 10 minutes, and you may need a fairly powerful PC to maintain a steady frame-rate, but it’s a unique experience well worth trying out.  We’d love to see this expanded on, as the short time we spent in this world was very enjoyable indeed.

Download The Puzzle Guardian HERE (Win & Mac)

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