The Quiet Things – Prototype Download

The Quiet Things is a short, thought provoking first person narrative experience, based on the real life diary entries of Alice, a teenage girl who deals with suicidal thoughts and a compulsion to self harm.

The narrative of The Quiet Things plays out via a series of interconnected scenes, with you looking at diary pages and personal objects to trigger a section of narrated dialogue that gives you glimpses into the life of Alice, a teenage girl who suffers from mental illness. For the most part Alice is a normal teenage girl, who loves Green Day, plays the Playstation and has a favorite teddy bear that you take everywhere she goes. However, Alice is one of the one in four young women who are prone to self harming and suicidal thoughts.

Although it does briefly hint at some of the underlying issues in Alice’s past that may have initiated this tendency to self harm, The Quiet Things doesn’t dwell on them, instead focusing on triggers, coping strategies and treatment. It takes you on an interesting, eye-opening and emotional journey as Alice attempts to deal with all life throws at her. Some things can’t be fixed alone though, in the end a helping hand is more than welcome.

Download The Quiet Things Prototype Here (Windows & Mac)