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the red dude game

The Red Dude is a very cool SUPERHOT inspired first person brawler in which you must chase down and assassinate the ‘Red Dude’ using a mixture of time manipulation, stealth, teleportation and punching people in the face!

The Red Dude blends SUPERHOT’s time-only-moves-when-you-do gameplay with the ability to teleport and rewind time. In the game you play an assassin whose weapon of choice is his fists and who has accepted a contract on a person known only as the ‘Red Dude’. Your target obviously isn’t too keen on being punched to death so starts running as soon as he spots you through a selection of small, stylish levels, often populated with a selection of goons for you to beat up.

If you get hit once then you’ll instantly shatter and die, but you can rewind time at the push of a button (much like in Forza), learning from your mistakes and avoiding the punch or bullet that killed you. Later on you even unlock the ability to teleport which has lots of uses during the heat of combat, as you teleport behind enemies to get the drop on them.

The current The Red Dude prototype was created for the #MakeItSuperHot Jam, so is pretty short, but it certainly shows a lot of promise and the dev is planning to continue work on the project to add more content and levels. We’ll look forward to seeing more of it as the time bending, teleporting, melee-focused gameplay is very satisfying and we’d really like to finally catch that Red Dude!

Check Out a The Red Dude Gameplay Video Here

Download The Red Dude Prototype Here (Windows)

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  1. This prototype is neat! It really catches the feel of the Super Hot game. Also, I really enjoyed the scripted parts that teaches the mechanics.

    Good job!

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