The Red Room – Prototype Download

The Red Room is a very stylish and surreal isometric fan made Twin Peaks point and click adventure that sees you discovering clues and attempting to escape from the Red Room.

In The Red Room you find yourself trapped in a series of rooms, lined with red curtains and filled with Twin Peaks-style oddity. Most of the rooms contain items you can pick up or interact with to solve puzzles. Once you enter another room you can’t go back, but most of the items aren’t actually necessary and it is actually possible to complete the prototype without them.

It is just a prototype at the moment, so it is quite short and ends abruptly, but the visual style is excellent, the UI is very easy to use and it really nails the surreal nature of David Lynch’s seminal series. If you’re a fan of Twin Peaks or even if you’re not it’s certainly worth taking a trip to The Red Room.

Download The Red Room Prototype Here (Windows & Mac)