The Red Solstice – Alpha Download

red solstice

The Red Solstice is a great looking top-down real-time tactical 8 player co-op survival game set on Mars in the distant future.  The core game will be an 8 player multiplayer experience but there will also be a single player campaign too for the lone wolves among you.

At the moment it feels a lot like a team based version of the recent (and underrated) Alien Breed remakes mixed with a Diablo-style control system and loot drops.  This works really well, levels feel tense and atmospheric and there are plenty of tactical choices afforded by the mouse based control system.  You’re also never sure what’s going to come at you next thanks to the randomised map features (loot drops, missions and monsters), which both adds to the tension, and to the replayability of the game.

The Alpha Demo allows you access to the prologue for the game, with access to the multiplayer locked at the moment.  So it’s a short Alpha Demo, but it does give you a good taste of the tactical options, combat systems and the great atmospheric team-based space-Diablo vibe of the game.



For the final few days of the Kickstarter, The Full Multiplayer Alpha is open to everybody!

Download it from their Kickstarter Page HERE