The Resistance – Game Jam Build

The Resistance is a clever little puzzle platformer where you work cooperatively with previous recordings of yourself to help a bunch of single use batteries reach the prophesied Land of Ohm.

In The Resistance you take control of a group of single use batteries who are fed up of being drained of their power then thanklessly tossed aside. They now seek refuge in the prophesied Land of Ohm, but getting there will be tricky and will require some brave batteries to sacrifice themselves to power moving platforms in the game world.

You take control of the batteries one at a time and can slot them into various receptacles to power the different moving platforms in each level. The problem is that the batteries only have a small amount of power so will only power the platforms for a short time. To make the most of the time the platforms are powered up you need to rewind time and work alongside the previous recordings of yourself, being sure to time your actions to work best with your recordings.

The Resistance only has a handful of levels, but they’re very offer a nice amount of challenge and have some very inventive puzzle design. It can often be easy enough seeing what you need to do in a level, but getting the timing right for each of your recordings is the real puzzle. Hopefully you don’t have to sacrifice too many brave little batteries on your journey to Ohm!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download or Play The Resistance Here (Win, Mac, Linux & Browser)