The Reviewer – Game Jam Build Download

the reviewer game

The Reviewer is a fun little game inspired by Papers Please, that sees you managing restraints and distractions in order to get your video game reviews completed under strict deadlines.

It starts off fairly simply, with you simply reading the comments your character makes while playing a game, then using this info to make an informed choice of the four possible reviews within a strict time limit.  Your Editor then gives you feedback on how well you did, along with an Editor opinion rating and a public opinion rating.

As the game progresses, more and more distractions and tasks are introduced – such as NDA’s,  rating systems, Twitter feeds and Homework.  All of these must be managed while still paying attention to your characters comments and making an informed review on the game.

To be a successful game reviewer you’ll have to keep your public opinion from falling and keep your editor happy, all while balancing coursework and other distractions.   Reviewing video games actually makes for a fun game – any similarities to how ABG conducts it’s reviews are entirely coincidental!

Download the Reviewer HERE (Alt + Enter for full screen)