The Rewinder – Beta Demo

The Rewinder is a beautiful Chinese folklore inspired point and click adventure where you become a magical being who is capable of entering peoples’ memories to alter the past.

In The Rewinder you step into the shoes of Qi Yun, a “Rewinder” who can communicate with the spirits and enter peoples’ memories. You’ve been called on by the Spirit Wardens to investigate an intriguing case – a spirit that’s unable to be reincarnated.

As you start your investigation you visit a dilapidated village that’s filled with resentful spirits. It appears that an event occurred seven years ago that caused the once thriving village to fall into such disrepair. Perhaps it’s also linked to the spirit that can’t be incarnated…

The initial five minutes of The Rewinder does get a little confusing as it gives you a lot to wrap your head around, but if you stick with it then it’s a fantastic point and click adventure. The pixel art animation is beautiful, the puzzles are well crafted and the story is very intriguing. Its spirit-filled world is a fascinating place to explore and there’s a real sense of magic and mysticism to it that’s quite unlike any other gaming experience. A magical Chinese mystery well worth unravelling.

Download The Rewinder Beta Demo Here (Steam)