The Riftbreaker – Alpha Demo

The Riftbreaker features a fast paced fusion of twin-stick combat, base-building and tower defense as you jump in a heavily armed mech-suit and try to colonize an alien planet with thousands of swarming enemies.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer during the closed Alpha Sign Up, The Riftbreaker is a base-building survival action RPG where you travel to a distant alien planet and try to construct a Stargate-esque rift gate back to Earth. Constructing a rift gate will require a lot of energy and resources though, so you’ll be there for the long haul and will need to construct and defend your base of operations from the swarms of hostile alien lifeforms.

You are equipped with an agile and powerful mech suit that has a melee and a ranged attack. This is good for fighting off the local lifeforms and decimating the plant-life, but it’s also vital in constructing a base. There’s a nice variety of options available to you when building your base, allowing you to optimize the harvesting of minerals and keep the base safe from alien attacks.

The Riftbreaker’s prologue build takes place before the events in the upcoming main game and sees you learning the ropes in a training simulation before your big trip. It’s a lot of fun and it really impresses with its lush visuals, vast amounts of environmental destruction, intuitive base-building mechanics and spectacular battles with huge swarms of enemies. You do feel like a bit of an a**hole for trashing an alien planet, but oh lord is it a lot of fun!

Check Out a Gameplay Video of The Riftbreaker Here (Steam)

Download The Riftbreaker Alpha Demo Here (Steam)